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Getting on the beathen path Monteverde

Monteverde, is a beautiful destination known for its cloud forests and abundant wildlife. To get off the beaten path, consider exploring the lesser-known trails and attractions in the area. Here are some suggestions:

  • Curi-Cancha Reserve: This private reserve offers excellent birdwatching opportunities and features well-maintained trails that wind through the cloud forest. You may encounter fewer tourists here compared to the more popular Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
  • Santa Elena Hill: Consider hiking up Santa Elena Hill for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding cloud forest and farmlands. This off-the-beaten-path spot offers a unique perspective of the region.
  • Coffee and chocolate tours: Visit smaller, family-owned coffee and chocolate farms in the area for a more intimate and authentic experience. These tours provide insights into the local production processes and often include tastings.
  • Hidden cultural gems: Seek out small art galleries, local artisan workshops, and community events in the town of Santa Elena to connect with the local culture and support independent artists and craftspeople.
  • Hanging bridges, Canopy tours and much more

Exploring these lesser-known attractions can provide a more intimate and peaceful experience in Monteverde, allowing you to connect more deeply with the natural and cultural treasures of the region.

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