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Arenal Volcano

Getting on the beathen path Arenal Volcano

Exploring the Arenal Volcano area in Costa Rica off the beaten path can lead to some incredible adventures. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your off-the-beaten-path tour:

  • La Fortuna Waterfall: While relatively popular, you can still escape the crowds by visiting La Fortuna Waterfall early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The trail leading to the waterfall takes you through the rainforest, offering a serene and less-crowded experience.
  • Arenal Observatory Lodge: Explore the Arenal Observatory Lodge's trails, which are known for their diverse wildlife and great views of the volcano. This lesser-known spot is ideal for birdwatching and enjoying the natural beauty of the Arenal area.
  • Hot Springs off the beaten path: Instead of the popular hot spring resorts, consider finding smaller, lesser-known hot springs in the area for a more peaceful and intimate experience.
  • Community-based tourism: Look for community-based tourism initiatives in the region, such as local homestays, small family-owned restaurants, and artisan workshops. These experiences can provide a genuine and less touristy insight into the local culture and way of life.

Exploring these less-traveled paths and attractions around Arenal Volcano can offer a more serene and authentic experience, allowing you to connect with the natural and cultural wonders of the region in a unique way.

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